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Why should history be an important consideration when choosing a dentist?

Recently, many chain type dental offices have been locating around the Lawton area. These chains are staffed by dentists that have, in large part, no connection with the Lawton area. Dentists may routinely come and go and don’t really have the type of commitment to our specific area in a special need to build and keep a patient base happy in order to build and maintain a healthy dental practice. We also have an expert pediatric dentist for the needs of children.

Patient Visiting the DentistThe Lütz Family came to Lawton in 1902, before Oklahoma had even established statehood. Dr Lütz has been practicing dentistry in Lawton for over 20 years and will be supporting the Lawton area for the duration of his practicing years. We both want and need you to be happy with our services because we are here and will continue to be here for you in the future. You will never have to worry about having a dental concern or problem showing back into the dental office only to find that the dentist that you have seen before is no longer employed there. Your dental concerns will always be addressed by the same dentist with the concern of keeping you content and happy with our services. It is just common sense to establish your dental needs within an established and committed dental practice that has been, is here for you now, and will continue to be here for you in the future.

What to expect from Lütz Family Dentistry

A relaxed and honest atmosphere is what you can expect from us. When visiting Lütz Family Dentistry, expect a different kind of dental experience. Our office has been formulated without the stiffness and coldness often experienced in other dental environments. Dental visits are a stressful time for most people, and the last thing most people would want is a cold and impersonal environment.

Our dental office was founded in the concept of the environment that we would feel most comfortable within to receive health care ourselves. We have an environment of ease that allows our staff to be “real people” who are there in the common goal of giving you the opportunity to likewise just be yourself while we meet your dental needs. Expect a different and easy atmosphere where both staff and patients are encouraged to visit and get to know one another as people all while you receive your dental care with the highest attention to detail. A common sense approach that not only makes the patient feel better about their appointment, but the staff feel better about their day as well. Professionalism doesn’t have to be cold and heartless. Expect a happy and openly personable experience.

What NOT to expect from our office.

You will never get a pressured sales pitch with Lütz Family Dentistry. We do NOT “sell” dentistry with our bottom line as our goal. Your needs will be suggested only and with the honest intent of making you aware of those needs with leaving you with the decision process of having the option of choosing only the treatment that you decide. Never a pressure or personal judgment to proceed with any services that you don’t want to receive. An honest approach to accomplishing your most important care first whether it is what we advise or what is the most important for your personal wants.

Lütz Family Dentistry was founded on the principles of by taking care of our patients honestly that other matters will honestly take care of themselves. We’ve been doing things this way for such a long times that we wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.

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